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Omega Machine & Tool is the leading producer of custom and original replacement bushings in the industry. 4L80E center suppot bushing We produce individual bushings and complete bushing kits for all major transmission parts distributors.

We make both individual bushings as well as complete bushing kits. Whether your need is a single custom bushing or several thousand, we have the capacity to meet your needs. To make a custom bushing simply send us any part that interfaces with the bushing.

At Omega Machine and Tool, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality products. Most bushings from manufactures have too much clearance for today's transmissions. Omega Machine produces a precision bushing for today's precision transmissions.

Most popular bushing kits

ZF5HP19 bushing kitZF5HP19 Bushing kit This is a quick summary of this bushing kit. Part # 83500
ZF6HP26 Bushing KitZF6HP26 Bushing KitThis is a quick summary of this bushing kit. Part # 84500
6T70 bushing kit6T70This is a quick summary of this bushing kit. Part # 134500

Bushing Kit Development

Omega Machine & Tool is always on the look out for new bushing kits to develop. We are in constant communication with shop owners and techs to remain on top of all the latest developments and industry needs. If you have a bushing kit that isn't up to your standards, let us know. We would love to partner with you to solve any needs for quality bushing kits that may arise.





Omega Machine also makes transmission tools to make servicing and repairing today's transmissions simpler and more efficient.

AW55-50SN Solenoid ToolAW55-50SN Solenoid Tool This is a quick summary of this transmission tool. Part # 31333
NP246 Front Seal InstallerNP246 Front Seal Installer This is a quick summary of this transmission tool.. Part # 99321
Honda bushing reamersHonda Bushing Reamers This is a quick summary of this transmission tool.. Part # 19800




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